Emily the strange s cats by emziepoodlez-web

Emily's Cats


Mystery is the only female cat out of the four. According to the official website, she was born on May 13th. Occasionally, she has a star in her eye. She has a whisker that is curled at the tip. 

Sabbath Edit

Sabbath is the newest of Emily's cats. He is idenified by the scar on his right ear. He says "dude" very often. The toughest of the Bad Kitten Club.


Miles is the creative one. He is considered to be very fast. Although he is more mellow than the others, deep inside there is fire in him. He was born on the 13th of April. 


NeeChee is known as "the thinker" or "the schemer". He never makes eye contact with anyone. He loves the dark and being alone. Due to a chemical being spilled on his tail, his tail is now striped.