Emily the strange3


A book published by ChronicleBooks about Emily Strange

Emily's strange and sullen subculture of one continues to win the rebellious hearts and minds of millions of fans the world around. Now 13 years old, our defiant heroine has a major motion picture in the works, a quarterly comic book, and has made her mark on strange and best-selling merchandise from candy to couture, guitars to lip gloss. Despite her decidedly antisocial tendencies, Emily is more popular than ever. Her books and gift titles have collectively sold over half a million copies, and she is published in 5 languages. In this, her 4th book, Emily the Strange Seeing Is Deceiving, Emily challenges her dark devotees to see things her way. The same engaging format features fantastic production quality with ghostly spot varnish tricks plus eye-popping die-cuts. A brand new gift line will publish simultaneously, including some amazing new materials, such as vinyl and stitching. Fans, new and old, won't believe their eyes when they get a closer look at Emily's optical delusions.