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Emily the Strange Wiki

Emilystrange.com is the official website for Emily the Strange. The website has had several iterations since its inception in 2005. Unfortunately, many features are unavailable, but most text-based elements of the site are still archived.

Emily's World[]

The website contains many pieces of Emily lore, trivia, and Strange tidbits that reflect Emily's interests.

Emily's 13 Favorite Movies[]

"Behind the Oddisee I attached a television for the sole purpose of watching scary movies. I imagine myself at midnight all alone in a big creepy theater. My thrift store friend, Zenith, let's me borrow these flicks on VHS. He's the sweetest."


Emily's favorite scary movies

Emily's Secret Garden[]

Emily's Secret Garden is where Emily shows off her strange plants, as well as gives readers directions on how to cultivate such plants.

Emily's Smash It Up Room[]

Emily's Smash It Up Room is a dark room where Emily smashes and destroys things for fun.


The Stars Have Eyes[]

The Stars Have Eyes is an Emily short story where Emily discusses the constellations with her cats. The title is reference to the film The Hills Have Eyes.

Emily's Noise Player[]

Emily's Noise Player was a streaming radio playing a playlist of music Emily likes. It does not function currently.


Emily's Time Out Machine[]

The T.O.M. is an exploration of all the fun places and times Emily has visited in her time mahcine.

Emily's Favorite Picks[]

Emily's Favorite Picks was a collection of movie and music reviews submitted by Emily fans and critics and published on the website.


Emily's Strange 8 Ball[]

Emily's 8 Ball was a random phrase generator that responded to any input by website visitors.



Strange Invaders[]

Strange Invaders is a Space Invaders clone with a strange Emily theme.

Drop Dead Dizzy[]

Drop Dead Dizzy is a match-three puzzle game with a strange Emily theme.


Deathtris is a Tetris clone with a strange Emily theme and Emily-themed terminology

Nine Lives Forever[]

Nine Lives Forever is a chutes-and-ladders like board game where the goal is to reach the end of the board without losing your nine lives.

Homework Hexx[]

Homework Hexx is a hex clone with a strange Emily theme.

Spiders and the Fly[]

Spiders and the Fly is an Asteroids clone where you play as a fly shooting space spiders. [1]