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Emily the Strange is an upcoming series of Chinese-language animated shorts produced by Dark Horse China. They will follow Emily and her various adventures and inventions.


Emily the Strange was announced during the Emily the Strange Virtual Panel Experience at Comic-Con@Home.


The series will focus on Emily Strange creating new inventions and interacting with the other characters in her neighborhood. Rob Reger has indicated that some episodes will be based off of the Dark Issue of the Dark Horse comic series. It is unclear if these shorts will be dubbed in any other languages.

Comic-Con Sneak Peek Clips[]

During the 2020 ComicCon At-Home event for Emily the Strange featuring Rob Reger and Dark Horse China, a few sneak preview clips were released of the finished animated shorts.


Emily the Strange- The Animated Series -sneak peek- ComicCon@Home 2020

English Script[]

Part 1 (Flower Vignette)[]

Emily: Those pots are really bland. Do you have anything better?

Shop Owner: How about this one?

Emily: (shakes head) That one looks okay, I'd like that one, please.

Shop Owner: Okay...well, miss, this pot is broken!

Emily: Here you are.

Emily: Mystery, Miles, NeeChee, and Sabbath, get ready to move!

Sabbath: What are we gonna do, Emily?

Emily: I'm conducting an experiment to break this boredom!

Miles: Oooh, I like going out.

Emily: Let's go, Sabbath!


Sabbath: Stand aside, buddy!

Emily: This looks like a nice place, dark and safe enough.

NeeChee: I guess you need these, Emily.

Emily: Yup. Thanks, Nietzsche.

Elderly lady: You shouldn't plant flowers like this, kid. Plants need sunshine.

Little girl: Water too!

Man #1: Hey, look! Ahh, you're wasting your time.

Man #2: Yes indeed.

Emily: Leave me alone.


Mystery: Emily, I'm sure it'll be a beautiful plant.

Emily: Yes, Mystery, as beautiful as you are.

Man #3: Stop your daydreaming and do something useful.

Emily: Go away.

[chasing Miles]

Emily: Come here!

Girl: Mystery, NeeChee, get him!

Mystery: Checkmate, Miles!

Miles: Oh, this is unfair.

Crowd: Quit your lollygagging, brat! Ignoring advice by the elderly and you will get in trouble!

Crowd: Your flower will never bloom!

Emily: I never wanted it to bloom! {This could be a word play; the word 长大 could mean the growth of a plant, but it may also be used on a person.}

Emily: Behold, my flower!

[outro music]

Part 2 (Robot Vignette)[]

Salesman: Good afternoon! Would you like to know our most cost-effective household care product?

Emily: (whispering) This guy again. What a disappointment.

Emily: No.

Man: I'm not done introducing, little lady!

Man: You little rascals! Shoo! Shoo!

Old woman: Emily, Good timing! Huh, what a strange girl.

[door bell]

Emily: Go away!

Emily: I can't let these trivial, meaningless things mess up my life.... I have an idea!

[cat dialogues]

Miles: What's going on with Emily?

Mystery: Looks like there will be a new invention again.

Miles: Hope I will like it.

Emily: Guys, meet AImily. She'll deal with daily chores instead of me from now on.

AImily: Mi...ly...

Emily: That's right. I'll call you Mily from now on. I am your master.

Salesman: This is our best selling dishwashing soap! And this is our ultra strong laundry detergent! And this! A must-have! It will be worth every penn-

AImily: That is a very nice introduction, but I do not need these items.

Man: Thank you for your appreciation! This is the first time someone listened through my product introduction!

Delivery guy: Bye!

[cat dialogues]

Miles: How long has it been since the last time Emily noticed us?

Sabbath: Beats me. Ever since the robot came she handled everything.

Mystery: I don't like this at all. Some things are irreplaceable.

NeeChee: Of course. AImily must have its own thoughts.

Miles: Hey bro, you just gave me an idea. How about this...

AImily: Master, please take a break. Have some snacks.

Emily: Mily? Didn't I turn you off?

AImily: Other than the errands you asked me to run, I also watered the plants and pet the cats. Actually, they are not doing so well.

Emily: What happened?

AImily: To them, nothing is more important than your care.

Emily: Now that Miles made you a cooler person, please stay here. We're friends from now on.


Emily the Strange Virtual Panel Experience | Comic-Con@Home 2020