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Raven is a cybernetic golem that Emily constructed out of raven parts. During the HarperCollins Book Series, Emily primarily uses her as a chauffeur and bodyguard in her quest to obtain her ancestral birthright. In the last installment in the series, she departs as Emily's employee.

In the Emily and the Strangers comic series, she has learned the drums, works at a record store, and seems to have greatly improved social skills.

Patti Strange[]

Patti Strange is Emily's mother. She is a single mother, a skilled guitarist, and she and Emily move towns constantly.

Patti playing guitar

It is implied that Patti was instructed by a relative, likely Great-Aunt-Millie, to raise Emily in a manner befitting a Dark Girl, or Strange family member with magical powers. This includes allowing Emily to live a nocturnal lifestyle, wear the same black outfit everyday, forgo traditional schooling, and giving Emily free reign to conduct occasionally destructive experiments in the house. The rules surrounding raising a Dark Girl are also why Patti places importance on teaching Emily about her ancestors.

Although Patti is tolerant of Emily's strange habits, Emily's experiments sometimes cause her great stress, such as Emily's duplication experiment or Raven. [1]



Attikol is Emily's ancestral enemy and a member of the family of Shady Uncles.

He owns a traveling magician's caravan where he keeps Jakey, a kidnapped psychic child. Attikol has a crush on Raven, a fact Emily uses to her advantage on several occasions to outwit Attikol.

At the end the HarperCollins Book Series, he is arrested for his kidnapping and abuse of Jakey. [2]


Jakey is a child psychic who was separated from his mother at an early age and kidnapped by Attikol to be a performer on his traveling magician's caravan. Though they are close and communicate psychically on occasion, Emily uses self-hypnosis to construct a mental barrier to protect her inner secrets. He enjoys video games and his pet parrot, Lily.

Jakey the Moon Child

At the end of the HarperCollins Book Series, Jakey is reunited with his mother.

Molly Merriweather[]

Molly is a perky, wealthy girl who lives with her parents, George and Sharon, in Zigzag, Oregon.

Molly arriving with luggage

She is known among runaways nationwide for consistently running away from home. In The Lost Days, her parents mistake Emily for her and Emily temporarily lives in her place.

According to Molly's yearbook and photo albums, she is very popular, athletic, neat, and academically successful.

She has two horses named Tuffy and Tweety. Her favourite music includes cardio funk, frat rap, and heartland country, and a fictional band called Hoopy Jankers and the Good Time Belly Bouncers. [3]


Great-Aunt-Millie, previously a Dark Aunt, is a ghost living Emily's attic for the majority of the HarperCollins Book Series. She provides ancestral advice to Emily and instructs Emily and Patti in the ways of the Dark Aunts. [1]

Lily Éstrange[]

Lily Éstrange

Lily is one of Emily's great Dark Aunts. Her only appearance is in Dark Times [1], when Emily time travels to the 18th century in order to rescue Lily from the fatal white fever and help her attain black rock.

Lily's special black rock ability is healing. Her black rock appeared when she was child, but it dried up immediately prior to Emily's arrival in her century.

Although she is initially weak-willed due to societal expectations in her time, Emily teaches her about modern "girl power" and shows her modern media and punk concerts. Lily still stands out in due her naturally nocturnal sleep rhythms and dark sensibilities, both features found in all Dark Girls.

Evan Stranger[]


Evan is a guitarist in the Emily and the Strangers comic series. He invites Emily to join his band in order to

win the battle of the bands, introduced in Emily and the Strangers #1. He is a piano prodigy from a wealthy, uptight family turned rock guitarist. [4]


Winston is the twin brother of Willow. He is a guitarist with a love of loud punk rock. His only appearances are in the Calling All Guitars music video, and in the Emily and the Strangers comic series.


Willow is the twin sister of Winston. She is a trumpeter with a love of Billie Holiday and free-form jazz music. Her only appearance is in the Emily and the Strangers comic series.


Trilogy is the keyboardist for Emily and the Strangers. She was summoned by the band when they combined their unique keepsakes in a spiritual ritual. Not much is known about her background or history. Her only appearances are in the Calling All Guitars music video, and in the Emily and the Strangers comic series.


Zenith with his cat Fiona

Zenith is the owner of Zenith's Junk Shoppe in Blandindulle and a friend of Emily. Emily visited his junk shop often during her time in Blandundulle, and enjoyed its nighttime hours.

Zenith has a cat named Fiona.

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