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Emily the Strange: The Rock Issue is an issue in Volume 2 of the Dark Horse comic series released in 2007. Similar to the other comics in the series, the issue is a collection of surreal comics involving Emily, this time focusing on music and the genre of rock n' roll.


  1. Emily goes to Rock and Roll High School, where she takes classes taught by rock icons
  2. Emily goes to the Rock and Roll "Hell" of Fame
  3. Emily writes to ghosts of rock musicians
  4. Kitties Rock fold out
  5. Famous albums with an Emily twist
  6. Strange interview with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  7. Emily makes Rock Soup
  8. Emily's Top 13 Rock Rumors
  9. Emily hits Rock Bottom
  10. Emily's Rock Garden Greenhouse
  11. Emily tells spooky stories in the Scarytale Theater as the character Goldiroxx
  12. ESP 5 Track Vinyl Ripper illustration
  13. Punk Icons mural by Winston Smith